Supplier Code of Conduct

Hallgruppen expect our suppliers and business partners to comply with applicable laws, respect internationally recognized human rights and adhere to ethical standards consistent with our Code of Conduct when working for or together with us. It is not an exhaustive list and more detailed rules may apply to certain businesses or markets. You must make sure you are familiar with the code and consult Hallgruppen if in doubt.

As a supplier or business partner of Hallgruppen, we commit to this Code of Conduct:

Compliance with the law

We comply with the laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate. We will act in an ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible manner and respect internationally
recognized human rights. We understand and adhere to the standards of business conduct relevant to our assignment, profession, and position. We will not be prompted by any misguided sense of loyalty or desire for personal gain to violate applicable laws, our governing elements, policies, or policy descriptions.

Fair business conduct

We conduct our business in a fair and ethical manner, promoting healthy competition and protecting the interests of our customers and other stakeholders. Employees are expected to refrain from engaging in any activities that could potentially create a conflict of interest between the organization and themselves.

Corruption and bribery

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards bribery, which is the acceptance, offering, solicitation or promise of benefits, monetary or in kind, to gain business advantages to which we would otherwise not be entitled. Bribery is illegal worldwide, and we are committed to comply with relevant laws prohibiting bribery.

Working environment

We behave with respect for our employees, hired labor and business partners. We do not discriminate against others on the grounds of race, gender, sexual preference, or any other grounds. We will promote equal opportunity, diversity and fair treatment in employment and occupation for our employees and hired labor.

Health, safety, security, environment, and quality

Preventative and systematic HSSEQ work is an integral part of our everyday business. Our objective is to work according to a zero-harm philosophy, which comprises: no damages or injuries, no environmental damages, no occupational illness, and no quality defects.

Child labor and involuntary labor

We do not employ children below the age of 15 or the minimum age for employment according to applicable laws. We will ensure that no one under the age of 18 performs any hazardous work. We will not use any form of forced or bonded labor. We shall not be involved in human trafficking in our business activities.

Freedom of association

We recognize that our employees are entitled to be – or refrain from being – union members and to be represented in collective bargaining agreements. In countries where these rights are restricted, our employees will anyway have the right to influence their work situation.

Terms of employment

We ensure that wages paid to employees and hired labors are in accordance with applicable laws and/or agreements. We will ensure that working hours are not excessive and comply with local law and agreements regarding working hours. We will offer vacation time, leave periods and holidays consistent with applicable local law and/or agreements. We shall ensure that all employees are free to leave their employment/work after giving reasonable notice.

We will ensure that all our employees are provided with written agreements of employment setting out employment conditions in a language understandable to the employee.

General obligations

Everyone involved in delivery or business collaboration with Hallgruppen is responsible to act according to the regulations in this document. Management of companies being a supplier or business partner to Hallgruppen is responsible for implementing the required measures in their own organization, including sub-suppliers if applicable, to enable compliance with these regulations, and adequate action against any violation of the regulations.

Violating the regulations can lead to termination of the business relationship with Hallgruppen, and/or rejection of the supplier’s personnel from being involved in the deliveries to Hallgruppen. To the degree such action violates law(s) and/or has led to economic losses, civil action and/or report to the relevant authorities may be a consequence.