We are committed to ensuring that any misconduct in the organisation is brought to light so that we can implement the necessary measures.

We urge all customers, suppliers, employees, and other organisations associated with Hallgruppen to report any such matters if they detect such circumstances. To achieve this, we want to ensure that all employees can safely report such matters internally, without any negative impact on the person making the report.

All reporting in accordance with this policy will be recognised as legitimate whistleblowing, and thus covered by the whistleblower protection in the Norwegian Working Environment Act. Reporting to supervisory authorities or other public authorities will also be legitimate whistleblowing.

What can you raise a concern about?

All types of misconduct, such as

  • a health and safety issue
  • corruption or other financial crime
  • unacceptable working conditions
  • environmental or climate hazards
  • abuse of authority
  • violation of personal data security

The above list is intended as examples of what can be reported, and not as a definitive list.

Statements about matters that only concern the employee’s own employment are generally not considered to be censurable matters covered by this whistleblowing procedure. This may, for example, apply to dissatisfaction with one’s own salary or workload, disagreements about the distribution of work or the exercise of management, personal conflicts, etc.

The exception is if these matters involve violations of laws and regulations, our procedures or ethical standards that are widely recognised in society, e.g., harassment.

In addition to your right to report unacceptable behaviour, in some cases you will also have a duty to report. This applies if you feel that someone is being harassed or discriminated against. The same applies if you become aware of other circumstances that may jeopardise life or health.

How should you notify?

You can notify us using our Whistleblower Portal which you can find here:

Whistleblower Portal

We recommend that you describe the incident as precisely as possible and attach documentation or examples if possible.